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Autosport / August 1971

Imp Sport variants have blossomed with considerably more success over the past few years than ,their Mini-based counterparts. The reasons are fairly obvious, for with fairly high petrol consumption and the slightly heavier unit of greater capacity, the 1100 cc and 1275 cc Mini engines lose quite a lot to the smaller, Climax based, alloy 875 cc unit. There are currently three well-known Imp based variants manufactured in this country: Clan, Davrian and Ginetta, the youngest of which is the former, just coming up to its second birthday.  My Yorkshire predecessor described what goes on up at Clan’s factory In Washington, but I was lent recently, a Crusader for road impressions.

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Auto / January 1972

‘Who’s your photographer? I hope he’s good’ said Paul Haussauer, head of the new Clan Motor Co, when I enquired about borrowing a Clan Crusader for test. My heart sank, and I wondered how I could break it to him that it was photographer J. Britten’s first-ever professional assignment. I parried the question by asking why this was so important to him. It seemed that the Clan is one of those cars that looks good in the flesh, but can be crucified by an unsympathetic camera.

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Auto / January 1973

One of the most exciting cars to enter the British rally scene recently, hit the headlines when Andy Dawson/John Foden took a Clan Crusader to 2nd place overall on the International Manx Trophy rally. To show that this was no fluke three weeks later Alan Conley in another Clan scored an outright win on the Tour of Mull, against stiff opposition from both Motoring News contestants and Scottish circuit regulars.

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Cars & Car Conversions / March 1973

Ever since S stood up at school some years ago and said ‘Please sir, i want to be a motoring journalist’ (when, of course, i ought to have been certified) i have never experienced anything so noisy as Alan Conley’s clan crusader. And that includes eightlegger ERFs with the engine in the cab, a full-race 850 mini and our house at midnight on new year’s eve!

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