Clan Spares

As well as acting as being The Clan Owners Club secretary, I have also recently taken over managing the clubs spares from The clubs previous Spares Co-ordinator xxxxx.

The stock list below details all teh spares the Clan Owners Club currently holds – you’ll see two prices; one for members and one for non members. The non members prices are 20% higher , so if you’re after some spares or replacement parts for your Clan Crusader, then it really makes sense to become a member of the club.

Stock List – 14.09.214

SUSPENSION£ Members£ Non MembersQty
Bearing spacer - rear4.755.704
Bolt - 2” x 7/16” galv. h/t (vert. K-pin carrier-w/bone)1.001.204
Bolt - 2” x 7/16” high tensile (vert. K-pin carrier-w/bone)0.851.0235
Bolt - 3” x 7/16” high tensile (trail. arm-crossmember )0.851.020
Bolt - 3” x 1/2” high tensile (horz. K-pin carrier-w/bone)0.851.020
Bolt - 3 1/2” x 1/2” high tensile0.851.0211
Coil Spring – rear 260 lb/ft /pr60.0072.002pr
Coil Spring – front 80 lb/ft /pr62.0074.401pr
Coil Spring – front 63 lb./ft std /pr22.0026.407pr
Cosmic wheel centre – spring clip0.250.3025
Damper- AVO Special – front /pr195.00234.001pr
Damper- AVO Special – rear /pr125.00150.000
Damper – top alloy mount – rear2.002.40139
Damper – top mtg plate – rear2.753.307
Drive shaft/hub shaft complete – 7/8ths s/h10.0012.001
Drive shaft only – 7/8ths s/h5.006.002
Driveshaft U/ J9.0010.8011
Front Hub Bearing Dust Cover O/S1
Front Bearing Retaining Washer5
Front Bearing Retaining Nut1
Hub – front – without bearings19.0022.801
Hub – front – with bearings & cap28.5034.204
Hub – rear – without bearings19.0022.804
Hub Seal – front (p/n GHS 112)2.503.00103
Hub Seal – rear (p/n GHS 113)3.003.6027
King pin carrier – l/h s/h5.006.003
King pin ½ set – one side only15.5018.601
Rotoflex bolt – H/T 7/16” x 23/4” UNF each with nut3.003.605
Rotoflex Nyloc nut 7/16” UNF12
Rubber Bush (Unknown)6
Stub axle carrier l/h s/h14.2517.102
Suspension bush – Superflex (SPF1427x4) – front 4/set40.0048.004
Suspension bush – Superflex (SPF0916x4) – rear 4/set45.0054.003
Wheel Bearing – rear outer15.0018.000
Wheel Spacer – 1 1/4” (no studs)1.752.104
Wheel Spacer – Cosmic 1 1/4” (no studs)2.252.7015
Wheel Spacer Studs4
STEERING£ Members£ Non MembersQty
Adjustable sleeve & nuts (1 r/h + 1 l/h)15.5018.605
Steering column – Rubber floor seal1.101.3214
Steering column U/J Exchange Only £25 refundable deposit55.0066.001
Steering rack outer boot7.008.402
Trackrod – adjustable inner (QH = QR1073)10.5012.609
Trackrod – Long28.0033.601
Threaded Bar & Track Rod End19.5023.4018
Threaded Bar12.0014.4018
Track Rod End9.5011.4018
Track Rod Nut L/H thread20
Track Rod Nut R/H thread10
Wheel nut1.201.4428
ENGINE£ Members£ Non MembersQty
Air Filter – Sport /pr12.0014.4013pr
Choke cable complete (inner & outer)7.509.009
Choke cable – inner (7096077)3.003.606
Cam Cover – Imp10.0012.001
Cam Cover – Sunbeam B110.0012.004
Engine mount with bush EXCHANGE35.0042.000
Exhaust Clamps 1 1/8” (28mm) or sport exhaust1.001.2025
Head Gasket - 875cc - not Reinz5.006.0013
Oil Filter Seal (large)18
Oil Filter Seal (Small)19
Oil filter element (non screw on)5.006.0020
Oil filter cartridge (screw on)5.006.009
Oil pressure gauge line adaptor0
Oil pressure gauge line7.759.3025
Oilite bush (clutch shaft spigot bush)5.006.0011
Starter Motor (Pre-engaged) (collect)60.0072.002
Stromberg rebuild kits - (Kit for 2 carbs)35.0042.000
Stromberg - 1 Float gasket (ACG01050 = B16518)14
Stromberg - 2 Choke hsg gasket (ACG01049 = B19439)9
Stromberg -3 Filter to carb “ (ACG01009 = B1500CD)12
Stromberg - 4 Carb to manifold gasket (ACG00463)10
Stromberg - 5 Flojet assy,0
Stromberg - 6 Diaphragm (B20924)? B16001 (ACD0150)38
Stromberg - 7 0.080” Spacer44
Stromberg - 8 0.040” Spacer20
Stromberg - 9 O ring (3/4 dia x 1/8 thk)30
Stromberg -10 O ring (7/16 dia x 1/16 thk)26
Stromberg Fixed Needle (6S) – for carb on 998cc.5.006.0028
Stromberg Fixed Needle (6K} – for 875 sportask
Sump Gasket4.505.402
Timing Chain cover gasket (7095000)2.753.309
Throttle cable (outer only)2.503.002
Throttle cable assy (Low friction Competition))20.0024.008
Heater control valve20.0024.002
3 way heater pipe drain/junction6.007.200
Radiator bottom hose old stock3.003.600
Radiator drain tap1.001.207
Thermostat (90deg)3.003.6053
BRAKE & CLUTCH£ Members£ Non MembersQty
Brake Adjuster – rear11.0013.2017
Brake backplate - front r/h only (with adjusters)5.006.009
Brake cylinder – rear10.0012.0014
Brake cylinder repair kit – Front wheel cyl. Only5.256.303
Brake cylinder retention slides – rear 1pr/cyl2.252.705pr
Brake drums10.0012.006
Brake drum retaining screw (csk) each1.001.2067
Brake pull-off springs – front each0.750.9014
Brake/Clutch pipe – master cyl to reservoir1.251.501
Brake shoe – front 4/set13.5016.20187
Brake shoe – rear 4/set15.0018.002sets
Brake shoe retention pin (Front or Rear)0.750.900
Brake shoe retention spring/slide – front0.500.605
Brake shoe retention spring – rear0.500.602
Brake shoe retention washer – rear0.500.6013
Handbrake cable16.2019.442
Handbrake cable springs0.500.6089
Handbrake cable adjusting nut0.600.7220
Handbrake cable clevis pin spring clip0.150.185
Handbrake cable clevis pin0.400.485
Handbrake lever10.5012.600
Handbrake fulcrum pin1.001.200
Rear Brake Flexi Pipe1
Servo vacuum pipe3.504.204
Assorted brake Pipe Fittings22
ELECTRICAL£ Members£ Non MembersQty
Alternator brushes2.503.002
Cable assy - dash loom17.5021.0058
Cable assy - main loom48.0057.603
Cable assy - engine bay loom18.0021.6028
Cable assy - engine cover loom2.002.4074
Cable set (4 items above)80.0096.00X
Cable - battery to starter - black9.0010.801
Cable - solenoid to starter - black1.001.2032
Condenser - early (XCON66 = 33710) 25D3.504.2020
Condenser - late (33720) 45D3.504.2010
Contact breakers - 25D early type (5121 = 22550)3.253.9080
Contact breakers - 25D later type (22560=VCS101=DSB101)3.253.903
Courtesy light switch – door operated1.001.20132
Courtesy light switch – ground wire (free with above)0.250.3098
Dash warning light – Amber2.503.000
Dash warning light – Blue2.503.001
Dash warning light – Red2.503.000
Distributor cap – early for 25D type (44720)6.007.205
Distributor cap – late for 45D type (44750)6.007.2012
Flasher unit2.503.000
Gauge – Water temp21.0025.205
Gauge - Battery charge21.0025.206
Gauge - Fuel21.0025.206
Gauge Rev Counter reconditioned (exchange)Ask1
Gauge - Speedometer (exchange)53.5064.205
Headlight Bowl, adjuster and frames pr56.0067.204
Headlamp bulb – Halogen (P43T) – modern type4.255.101
Headlamp bulb – Halogen (P45T)4.255.104
Headlamp switch alternative s/h3.253.901
Horn – original4.755.7011
Ignition Switch (no barrel, keys or chrome trim ring)5.506.6029
Ignition Switch barrel & 2 keys7.759.305
Ignition Switch chrome trim ring1.001.208
Indicator bulb0.300.363
Number plate lights (fitting on engine cover frame) /pr5.256.3028pr
Rear light cluster - black 1 new 1 s/.h ea11.5013.802
Rear light cluster - orange lense6.257.501
Rear light cluster - red lense6.257.506
Rear Light nuts41
Rear lens for light cluster – (Flush type – 5066595) /pr5.256.301pr
Remote speedo trip Cable1.001.2017
Rotor arm – early for 25D type (47510)3.253.904
Rotor arm – late for 45D type (47540)3.253.9014
Starter Solenoid (68010)10.0012.001
Wiper motor assembly (no bushes or fixing nut)18.5022.208
Wiper/washer column stalk assay – with harness16.0019.207
BODY & TRIM£ Members£ Non MembersQty
Bonnet drain assembly (2 grommets + tube)1.001.206
Bonnet drain grommet0.500.60229
Bonnet/Engine cover – Spring/striker assembly2.252.7031
Bonnet/Engine cover – release assy (3 parts/set)3.303.962
Bonnet/Engine cover – release top plate1.001.2018
Bonnet - safety hook2.202.6426
Bonnet - safety hook catch plate0.851.0218
Bonnet - sliding stay8.009.6022
Chrome window vent bezels – r/h - 22405642.753.3076
Chrome window vent bezels – l/h - 22405652.753.3062
Cill inner Diaphragm plywood Collect only7.509.000
Convoluted tube 1 1/4” dia. X 46”3.504.2014
Door - ashtray5.506.6078
Door - lock assembly l/h mechanism5.506.606
Door - inner pull handle – l/h2.753.3036
Door - inner pull handle – r/h2.753.3032
Door - inner pull handle sponge (free with above)0.100.12164
Door - inner handle plastic surround3.303.9622
Door - internal release lever1.101.3218
Door - internal lever connection rods /set1.001.2037
Door - internal handle release mechanism r/h4.004.808
Door - internal handle release mechanism l/h4.004.8011
Door - handle release spring – p/n 722732670.901.0873
Door - outer handle – l/h9.9011.8840
Door - outer handle – r/h9.9011.8832
Door - outer handle – gasket (for above r/h or l/h)1.001.2013
Door - outer handle – control rod (for above r/h or l/h)2.252.70144
Door - outer handle securing tabs0.350.42294
Door - striker plate1.501.8020
Door - window winder handles2.002.40267
Door - window winder – trim ring0.500.6037
Door - window winder extension- round (to handle)1.001.20104
Door - window winder extension- square (to winder)1.001.20163
Door - window winder spindle sponge (free with above)0.100.12143
Door - window winder rollers1.651.9825
Door - winder roller washers0.550.6663
Door - winder roller springs0.550.6693
Door - window bottom guide roller channel2.753.3040
Door - alloy U-channel atop fibreglass- collect ea5.006.0012
Door - bottom fixing angle to door trim1.651.9812
Door - chrome stay2.252.7046
Door - glass trim clips0.250.30265
Door - glass roller channel4.405.287
Door - trim corner – with basketweave (Ds/rear)5.006.001
Door - trim corner – no basketweave Front – R or L1.001.2011
Door - trim corner – no basketweave Rear – R or L1.001.2014
Door - trim fixing clip0.250.302
Door - trim fixing grommet (Snap Sac)0.250.30192
Door - bottom trim panel – not covered1.501.8012
Door - inner trim panel – not covered5.006.0025
Trim panel below rear window – not covered1.501.800
Door glass – original20.0024.0053
Engine cover release cable – inner & outer4.505.4012
Engine cover - stay storage clip0.600.7230
Engine cover - stay rod2.753.3014
Engine cover / Bonnet lock return spring0.901.0815
Eyeball vent3.854.6221
Fibreglass Washer for Key LockAskAsk6
Gear knob – fixing clip0.650.7832
Gear selector shaft - inc. Flexi-couplings/h35.0042.003
Gear lever – rubber gaiter5.006.006
Heater - control knob1.001.2037
Heater air intake hose (4” dia) collect3.504.206
Petrol tank filler cap10.0012.009
Petrol tank filler pipe – metal section5.006.0054
Petrol tank filler neck – rubber section5.506.6098
Petrol tank filler neck/body grommet4.255.1071
Petrol tank threaded rawl plug fixings (75p ea.)5/set3.003.60306
Petrol pipe – tank to engine5.006.004
Fuel (Petrol) hose 8” x 3/16” i/d pipe to carbs1.001.2012
Quarter light glass – original9.0010.8023
Quarter light rubber8.5010.208
Rear Vertical Bulk head Plywood5.006.003
Rear Engine Compartment Diaphragm plywood5.006.0015
Rear Screen – original(collect)20.0024.007
Rear Screen – Heated(collect)50.0060.00
Rubber grommet – brake pipe through body0.600.724
Rubber grommet Wiring through body0.600.721
Screen demister duct – l/ h3.003.6022
Screen demister duct – r/h3.003.6019
Seat Belt rear fixing plate with welded nuts/pr7.509.003
Seat Belt rear fixing plate without nutsAskAsk6
Seat – webbing strap7/set5.006.004
Seat - rubber diaphragm4.004.8079
Seat S/H for refurbishing25.0030.001+
Seat - slide assemblies1 pr/seat17.5021.0014pr+
Seat - slide assemblies 2pr/car set33.0039.60
Sliding Roof fittings (Various)8 sets
Speedo cable inner & outer ( SP689/55 or 5070/55)AskAsk0
Windscreen – Laminated/Clear (collect)226.00271.205
Windscreen – Laminated/Tinted (collect)228.00273.603
Windscreen – laminated Clear/ top tint band240.00288.002
Windscreen washer jet1.501.80174
Windscreen Rubber & Filler(front OR rear)15.0018.00
Windscreen Rubber & Filler (front & rear)30.0036.00
Windscreen Wiper Arm2.002.405
Front Footwell separator Plywood4.004.804
Interior Mirror S/HAskAsk1
BADGES£ Members£ Non MembersQty
"CLAN CRUSADER" rect. plastic5.006.00194
"CRUSADER" (Ford)3.003.608
Dashboard - heater control motif (sides cut square)2.753.3084
Engine bay sticker (specifications & settings)3.203.849
Round Logo7.509.0026
BRACKETS & FIXINGS£ Members£ Non MembersQty
Battery hold down clamp1.651.982
Battery wedge brkt1.651.987
Bonnet hinge8.009.601
Bonnet stay/brake reservoir support4.004.8014
Bonnet stay top plate0.851.028
Brake hose mtg brkt - l/h1.251.5070
Brake hose mtg brkt - r/h1.251.5073
Brake light switch mtg brkt1.251.5023
Door beam support brkt - r/h4.004.800
Door beam support brkt - l/h4.004.800
Door beam to window frame brkt0.851.02109
Door hinge support mtg post brkt – top brkt l/h3.303.964
Door hinge support mtg post brkt – top brkt r/h3.303.963
Door hinge support mtg post brkt – bottom brkt l/h3.303.964
Door hinge support mtg post brkt – bottom brkt r/h3.303.960
Door hinge - top & bottom brkt Mk 2 & Irish /pr5.506.60125
Door inner release mtg brkt - l/h3.303.9616
Door inner release mtg brkt - r/h3.303.966
Door lock/Door beam mtg brkt - l/h15.0018.006
Door lock/Door beam mtg brkt - r/h15.0018.006
Door stay/Hinge post mtg brkt S/Steel + M/steel3.003.6015
Engine cover - 43" angle brkt1.651.9835
Engine cover - hinge8.259.904
Engine cover - hinge pin0.250.3022
Engine cover - hinge to body mtg brkt3.504.2014
Engine cover - release cable brkt0.851.0217
Front Suspension Reinforcing plate - c/w studs6.507.801
Engine cover - Reinforcing plate - s/steel (no studs)9.0010.8010
Engine cover - mtg channel rear c/w studs5.506.606
Engine cover - mtg channel rear - s/steel (no studs)9.0010.8011
Handbrake mtg brkAskAsk
Headlamp mtg brkts - s/steel 2 pair/set22.0026.409pr
Headlamp mtg brkt - mild steel - l/h3.003.601
Heater mtg brkt - l/h1.251.5016
Heater mtg brkt - r/h1.251.5023
Ignition switch mtg plate1.752.1037
Petrol tank brkt - l/hAskAsk0
Petrol tank brkt - r/hAskAsk0
Radiator mtg brkt l/h (painted)3.303.963
Radiator mtg brkt r/h (unpainted)3.303.962
Radiator mtg brkt spacer (large - l/h side)0.500.6050
Radiator mtg brkt spacer (small - r/h side)0.500.6060
Rear parcel shelf trim brkt0.750.9060
Seat H-frame to body mtg brkt - l/h S/steelAskAsk1
Seat H-frame to body mtg brkt - r/h S/steelAskAsk1
Seat fixing channel - within cill - S/steelAskAsk0
Servo support brkt6.758.109
Stalk switches to column fixing /pr1.001.2017pr
Throttle cable stop brkt7.509.001
Throttle pedal and link bar assy11.0013.207
Throttle pedal return spring2.753.3021
Throttle pedal return spring brkt1.251.502
Tunnel guard plate (front edge)1.001.205
Washer bottle mtg brkt2.252.709
Steering Column Locating bracketAskAsk1
Engine cover mtg. bolt (1/4 UNF x 3/4”)0.100.1216
Door beam mtg. Bolts (3/8 UNF x 1”)0.100.1212
Trim Clip - screw fixing (U-type Spire nut p/n SNU2178P)AskAsk837
1 / 2” UNF Nyloc nut0.250.3010
7/16" UNF Clinch nut0.250.30137
7/16” UNF Larg Nut1
5/16" BSF Nyloc lock nut0.060.0740
5/16" BSF Full nut0.060.071
5/16" UNF x 1 1/4" Hex Bolt (h/t)0.200.24125
5/16" Plain Washer0.050.0650
1/4" Plain WasherAskAsk212
1/4" Spring WasherAskAsk56
M10 x 90mm Hex boltAskAsk55
M10 Nyloc nutAskAsk50
M10 Thick Plain washerAskAsk38
M10 Thin Plain WasherAskAsk37
M8 x 50mm Hex BoltAskAsk1
M8 x 40mm Hex BoltAskAsk39
M8 x 20 Csk Posidrive screw (+ 1 x M8 x 25)0.150.1861
M8 Penny washer0.100.12115
M8 Nylok nut0.150.184
M8 Large Plain washer (Thick)0.050.0666
M8 Plain washer (Thin)AskAsk168
M8 Spring washer0.050.0615
M6 x 14mm Hex BoltAskAsk214
M6 Spring washerAskAsk42
No. 6 x 3/8" Self Tapping screwAskAsk117